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Your Office in the United States (Full Package)



Place of Business in the USA

Let CorporationUSA be your principal place of business in the United States. With our support you’ll be on the fast track to boost your business.

Our services include upfront savings of up to 90% of your average local business costs, with a low monthly charge. A wide variety of business options are available depending on your overall business needs.

  • No need to rent a physical business location
  • No need to pay additional monthly office cost
  • No need to hire employees and pay benefits
  • Yes to more time for you to focus on your business

Do it yourself

  • Online Merchant Services Included – cost varies
  • Rental of up to $3,000 a month
  • Additional office monthly expenses
    • Electricity fees or bills – $200 monthly
    • Phone service fees or bills – $250 monthly
    • Internet fees or bills – $150 monthly
    • Property taxes – cost varies
    • Parking fees for vehicles – $100 monthly
  • Insurance, estimated $500 monthly
  • Total cost of up to $2,000/month
  • Must hire at least one employee
  • Employee monthly wages plus insurance. Total cost of up to $5,000/month.

Total cost – $6,250.00 a month

Advantages of doing it with us

  • Online Merchant Services Included
  • No need to pay rental monthly fees and charges. Savings of up to $3,000 a month
  • No additional office monthly expenses
    • No electricity fees or bills
    • No phone service fees or bills
    • No internet fees or bills
    • No property taxes
    • No parking fees for vehicles
  • No office insurance payments. Total savings of up to $2,000 a month.
  • No employee hires needed. No employee wages. Total savings of up to $5,000 a month.
  • Everything included at one low cost monthly charge.

Total cost – $1,250 a month

You can purchase one or more services separately or our Full Package, which already includes all:

  • Representation in a physical office – $400/month **You must purchase this option to obtain Client Services and Administrative representation
  • Representation for the Collection and Credit Card processing $400/month **The representation in a physical office must be purchased with this option. 
  • Administrative representation of the Corporation $225 per month **The representation in a physical office must be purchased with this option. 
  • Representation for 1 Employee  $225/month.
  • Complete Package All Inclusive $1,250/month


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