Open Your Bearer Shares Panama Corporation



General Information

  • Panama was the first country to establish and introduce the legislation authorizing the creation of off-shore companies for tax planning purposes.
  • Two or more persons or companies, not necessarily Panamanian citizens or residents, may form a limited company with legal purposes.
  • The company must have a resident agent.
  • Limited companies are not required to disclose confidential information to the Panamanian or foreign authorities unless there has been a violation of the law.
  • Share certificates may be issued in bearer form.
  • There is a total exemption from taxes on income from foreign sources as well as a complete exemption from all taxes on transactions conducted outside of Panama.


What You Get with your Order

  • Incorporation of the company
  • Government fees
  • Fiscal domicile
  • Resident agent
  • Annual administration which includes a Registered Office and necessary annual maintenance for Public Records and other authorities


After making your payment please complete the Incorporation Form. This will provide the information we need to assist you promptly.


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