Open Your Limited Liability Company in Costa Rica



General Information

  • It is required that the company be incorporated by public deed issued by a notary and signed by at least two members.
  • The company name may be in any language, provided it has not already been used by a different company. This name is owned by the company once selected and available.
  • The standard capital required is 10, 000 colons which is the equivalent to USD 20, 000.
  • Bearer shares are not permitted for issuance.
  • Requires at least two partners who must contribute the capital for the company’s incorporation. Once it is incorporated, the shares may be transferred to a single partner.
  • Requires four directors who do not necessarily need to be residents of Costa Rica.
  • The company must have a registered agent who will be notified of all those judicial and administrative issues that might arise. The registered agent must be a resident of Costa Rica.
  • Regular board and shareholder meetings must be held. The company must keep three corporate books updated that reflect the activities of the company.
  • If the company had no taxable activity during a year, an annual statement must be submitted stating this fact.


What You Get with your Order

  • Incorporation of the company
  • Government fees
  • Fiscal domicile
  • Resident agent
  • Annual administration which includes a Registered Office and necessary annual maintenance for Public Records and other authorities


After making your payment please complete the Incorporation Form. This will provide the information we need to assist you promptly.



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