Open Your Limited Liability Partnership in the United Kingdom



General Information

  • All LLP’s require at least two partners which may be either a physical entity or a legal entity. Each of which do not have any residential requirements.
  • LLP’s must register with the “Companies House”.
  • LLP’s will acquire legal personality and are an entity distinct from its members. Therefore, they can hire on their own behalf. The responsibilities of an LLP’s members depend on the limit of their individual contributions.
  • The LLP is fiscally transparent for UK taxing purposes. They are not subject to tax within the UK if the partners are not UK residents and no revenue was generated within the UK. If these items are true, the LLP will not be fiscally responsible in the UK.
  • An LLP that is created with non-resident UK members may not obtain a certificate of tax residence within the UK, nor may it benefit from double taxation agreements in the UK.
  • An LLP can distribute dividends to its members without any retention.
  • Every LLP is responsible for keeping track of its own accounting.


What You Get with your Order

  • Incorporation of the company
  • Government fees
  • Fiscal domicile
  • Resident agent
  • Annual administration which includes a Registered Office and necessary annual maintenance for Public Records and other authorities


After making your payment please complete the Incorporation Form. This will provide the information we need to assist you promptly.


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