Open Your Limited Partnership in New Zealand



General Information

  • The LP’s have a general partner who is unlimitedly responsible for the debts and all obligations of the LP. There are also one or more limited partners who contribute capital to the LP. The limited partners have no involvement in the overall company management and their responsibilities depend on the amounts of their individual contributions.
  • Once incorporated, the LP is then registered. The information to be recorded and shared with the public is limited to the information of only the general partner, not all of the LP members.
  • According to the law, limited partners may be either individuals or corporate persons, provided that the statute allows it.
  • Annual Returns only by way of confirmation.
  • Once formed, an LP acquires legal personality and becomes an entity distinct from its members. Therefore, they can hire on their own behalf. Members are only liable and responsible to the extent of the individual contributions.
  • Partnerships are fiscally transparent for tax purposes in NZ. They are not subject to tax in NZ and if the partners are non-residents and no revenue was generated in NZ, the LP will not be fiscally responsible within NZ.
  • Every LP is responsible for keeping track of its own accounting.



What You Get with your Order

  • Incorporation of the company
  • Government fees
  • Fiscal domicile
  • Resident agent
  • Annual administration which includes a Registered Office and necessary annual maintenance for Public Records and other authorities


After making your payment please complete the Incorporation Form. This will provide the information we need to assist you promptly.


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