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Taxes and Administrative Procedures

What is an Offshore Company?

An offshore company is an entity based in a country different from the one where it operates. The goal of an offshore company is to enjoy a country’s advantageous tax regime while continuing to operate elsewhere. The offshore entity cannot operate in the registration country without risking a change of status to “Resident Company” with negative tax consequences.

What are the advantages of creating an Offshore Company?
  • Legal and banking anonymity
  • No taxes
  • Easy to incorporate without costly requirements
  • No inheritance tax on offshore company shares
What are the requirements to create an Offshore Company?

Theses entities and their owners must fulfill 3 simple requirements:

  • They cannot have “physical” activities, requiring offices or other installations, in the United states. However, consulting services, financial investments, holding patents, advertising and other non-licensed services are possible.
  • They must neither try to become a resident of the United States through this entity nor employ American employees.
  • They must not break US laws.
Is the process hard and time-consuming?

Not at all. Creating an offshore company is easy and cheap. You can easily do everything remotely and will have your company within a few days.

What are the required documents to open a company bank account?

Just give us a color copy of your passport. we will provide all the other documents!

What does "Registered Agent" mean?

If you are not a U.S. resident (or if you are the sole shareholder or sole member of the company) you must name a “Registered Agent” who will receive all the official correspondence of the company in your name.

What is an EIN or a "Federal Tax Identification Number"?

After your company is incorporated you must request an EIN “Employer Identification Number” from the IRS in order to open a company bank account. This number is the company equivalent of a Social Security Number (SSN).

Some of our packages include this procedure.


Can I register an address of my choosing for the company?

Yes, whether when incorporating the company (at no charge) or later (for a low fee) we can register the address of your choice with the relevant authorities.

Can you advise me on a Tax problem? Legal problem? Accounting problem?

We specialize only in Incorporating companies and real estate. For all other questions we have highly qualified partners and will gladly make the necessary introductions.

What is the U.S. mailing address of my company?

Corporation USA
4045 Sheridan Avenue #361
Miami Beach FL 33140
(This is our office address)

How do I pay for my package?

You may choose to pay for your services by credit card, through our secured payment page, or through Paypal (the most secure payment platform in the world). For other payment options please contact us.

How long does it take for the package to be sent?

The required time varies depending on the chosen state and company type. On average, we will send your package 5 working days after your company is incorporated. Packages are sent via FedEx and we will provide you with a tracking number.

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